Hello! My name is Antonette King and I am thrilled that you are visiting my page!

My role at the practice is to coordinate various support groups that are needed and are of interest to the first responder community. Specifically, my focus is on the facilitation of support for the spouses of the first responders. At this time, I am a Certified Life and Meditation Coach. Within my scope of practice, I can guide my group members to understanding their stressors and offering them various coping tools that are functional and manageable in their everyday life.

I will come back to my page and offer more information about my background soon. my goal was to offer a quick introduction so that the community is aware of this much needed service that is provided at the practice.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the support group for the spouses of the first responders, you can contact me directly at 708.549.3827 or by e-mailing me at aking@loganassociatescounseling.com.