Holders of CCL have special emotional needs that can't be met in an office of a therapist who is either uncomfortable or against the concept of CCL.

Lana offers a support process, coping-building, strenght-based therapy to help CCL holders with their very specific needs. As a member of this process, you will learn how to control your emotions in a critical situation that requires physical protective action. You will learn how to defuse a situation without having to draw and, if you have to draw, how to process the event.

In addition to individual therapy, a support group is offered and facilitated by Antonette. One of the local police officers will join on a regular basis to answer any questions about the law and CCL protocols.

The group takes place weekly on Wednesdays from 630PM til 800PM. To participate, please call Antonette directly. A fee for the group is $20 per participant, per group.