Hi, I am Lana Logan and I want to welcome you to my practice site! I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois. I have a double Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Business Management. I hold two Master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and in Comparative Theology. In addition, I hold a doctorate degree in Transpersonal Counseling.

I also hold certifications in Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Meditation Instruction, as a Reiki Master Teacher, in Clinical Hypnosis, Workplace Critical Incident Response, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy focused on first responders and military personnel. Additionally, I hold a Diplomate status through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and have obtained certifications in Bereavement Trauma, School Crisis Response, Motivational Interviewing for Trauma Survivors, and Compassion Fatigue Resolution.

I am a volunteer with the The Green Cross and AnnMarie Foundation which focuses on education and prevention of adolescent suicide.

The practice offers counseling and training services to a wide range of populations. The treatment philosophy represents the passion about people's potential to grow and change, regardless of past behaviors. While my clinical focus is on emotional, mental and spiritual challenges faced by general population, I specialize in primary and secondary trauma experienced by other mental health professionals, first responders, educators, veterans, medical personnel, survivors of suicide, victims of violent crimes (sexual assault, domestic violence, workplace violence) and their families, and those who struggle with complicated grief.

Hypnotherapy, meditation, and Reiki are also offered, in addition to Mindfulness-based therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic psychotherapies are practiced for some of the challenging issues from the past and present, including personality disorders. To treat Acute Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress disorders, Prolonged Exposure therapy is utilized.

Integratively, the treatment approach will guide you toward understanding and resolution of the issues related to trauma, life transition and adjustment, depression, anxiety, divorce, grief, loss (human or pet), near death experiences, bullying, and burnout (compassion fatigue). 

A therapy dog, Valentine, volunteers her time to provide comfort to the clients who need support while working on the challenges. To find out more about Valentine, please visit her personal page.