Hi, I am Lana Logan and I want to welcome you to my practice site! I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois. I see clients at Orland Park and Frankfort locations.

I have a double Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Business Management. I hold two Master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and in Comparative Theology, with a focus on Spiritualist Ministry. In addition, I hold a Doctorate degree in Transpersonal Counseling. I also hold various certifications, including Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Meditation Instruction, Clinical Hypnosis, Workplace Critical Incident Response, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy focused on treatment of police officers. Additionally, I hold a Diplomate status through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and have obtained certifications in Bereavement Trauma, School Crisis Response, Motivational Interviewing for Trauma Survivors, and Compassion Fatigue Resolution. At the present time, I am in the process of obtaining my Therapy Dog Trainer credentials.

So, why are you looking for someone who can guide you through your emotional, mental and spiritual crisis? Something in your current life has a significant influence on your mental and physical functioning.

So, in order to explore how ready (or not) you may be to receive much needed guidance, consider this question: What are you prepared to let go of from your “before today” and how much of your heart are you bravely prepared to open in this moment, in “here and now?”

As with anything novel, if you are reluctant to transform your longstanding patterns or principles, the progression of change and opening to new things will be much harder. Just because you learned and experienced something in the past, does not mean it has to command your current or forthcoming experiences. There are countless ways to be a part of the world. By opening your heart to new opportunities, you give yourself permission to embrace the limitless opportunities that can improve your life. Take a chance at being flexible and open abundantly to learn new concepts and keep yourself open to new potentials. By acknowledging, confronting, and removing your self-destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors to transformation you are giving yourself permission to mindfully invite endless possibilities into your life. With this in mind, take a deep breath and allow yourself to be brave to reach out for help. It takes courage to say “I need help.”

So, what do I do here in the office? My practice offers counseling and training services to a wide range of populations. My long-standing treatment philosophy represents the passion for people's potential to grow and change, regardless of past behaviors.

While my clinical focus is on emotional, mental and spiritual challenges faced by general population, I specialize in primary and secondary trauma experienced by other mental health professionals, police officers, educators, veterans, medical personnel, survivors of suicide, victims of violent crimes (sexual assault, domestic violence, workplace violence, home invasion) and their families, and those who struggle with complicated grief. Cancer survivors also find support and emo-spiritual guidance through their journey. Terminally-ill clients find a resolution to their end-of-life fears and challenges in my environment. I also work with survivors of suicide and murder-suicide. Additionally, I work with the survivors of near-death experiences (NDE) and psychically-gifted children and adults. Also, I work with the local police departments on the issues related to the mental health of our officers. I offer pro-bono presentations to the police departments on the issues related to police PTSD and suicide prevention. I see police officers who are voluntarily seeking emotional guidance so that they can be fully effective in their work and in their family lives. I also see the officers who are mandated to mental health treatment due to poor coping choices they’ve made and have been suspended.

Hypnotherapy and meditation, are also offered, in addition to Mindfulness-based therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Existential modalities are practiced for some of the challenging issues from the past and present, including personality disorders. To treat Acute Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress disorders, Prolonged Exposure therapy is utilized.

Integratively, the treatment approach will guide you toward understanding and resolution of the issues related to trauma, life transition and adjustment, depression, anxiety, divorce, grief, loss (human or pet), near-death experiences, bullying, and burnout (compassion fatigue).