I take an integrative approach to evaluating your mental health needs and in designing a treatment approach that will suit your unique situation.

Reality is that the exact cause of mental illness that can arise from various life stressors, is unknown. Research, however, has proven that mental illness is biologically based and can be greatly influenced by one's environmental triggers. Because of the chemical imbalance in one's brain, reactions to stressors and traumatic events vary from person to person. Emotional vulnerability is not a shameful experience that one should keep a secret. Rather, reaching out for help that would include therapy, sometimes medication and alternative treatment methods, can make mental and emotional distress quite manageable. 

I also employ a psycho-educational approach to help you identify your triggers and that's why my clinical services are designed to offer individualized approach. I offer services to children (7-12), adolescents (13+), and adults. I see individuals, families, couples (marriage and pre/post-divorce counseling), and groups.