Bipolar disorder is a very serious mental illness. People who have it go through "ups" and "downs" in their mood. Some people go from very happy to very sad quickly while others' "happy" and "sad" last for weeks or months. With the right treatment, most people have normal moods in between their ups and downs. 

Research shows that bipolar disorder has both genetic and environmental components. Abnormal brain structure and function may also play a role.

This disorder typically starts during one's late adolescence into young adulthood. While bipolar disorder lasts a lifetime, there is hope and help. Ongoing research and newer, better medications are an option. 

If you think you or your loved one has this disorder or if you or your loved one has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder previously, come talk to Lana. She will introduce you to an integrative approach to treatment.

Please understand that if not treated, bipolar disorder can lead to devastating results, from damaged relationships, to poor job or school performance, to hopelessness, and even suicide. 

Please reach out to me or another mental health professional for help!