When loss is a sudden, unanticipated, violent, mutilating or destructive, random and/or preventable experience, for a survivor, it is not just a process of bereavement and grief. It is a process of having to deal with shock, confusion, psychological (and sometimes physical) pain, anger and suicidal or homicidal thoughts. It is loss complicated with the multiple layers of trauma.  

A few possible devastating consequences of traumatic loss include heightened fears and mistrust of safety, of life, of relationships, of self. Healing from traumatic loss is a very complex, long-term process.

Through understanding of and experience working with trauma, I can help you find new meaning of your life, normalize the impossible, help you understand that "abnormal reaction to abnormal situation is very normal" and help you find every reason possible to move forward with your life. Each person's loss is personal. You will be guided through your own stages of grief, understanding and coping with the emotional and physical manifestations of the pain.