Pawlo! Welcome to my page. My name is Valentine and I am a female Staffordshire Terrier. I was born on Valentine's Day, 2017. I was born in Washington, Ohio, in a rescue. My dad, Tug and my mom, Bleu, were rescued from a dog fighting business. My dad was used as bait and my mom was used for breeding. I was born as number four out of eleven brothers and sisters, and I am happy to say that all of us were adopted into families who immediately fell in love with us. Don't worry about my mom and dad either. They were also adopted by the foster family that helped deliver all eleven of us and gave us love, attention, and lots of cuddling from the minute we were born til we all went to our forever homes! I was lucky to be chosen by my humans, who drove for seven hours each way to get me. I did so well on our ride back to Chicago, that my mom decided I was more special than just a pet. So, I started coming to wotk with my mom and it was observed that I was very sensitive to people's emotions and naturally gravitated to offering comfort. As a result, my mom got me into training so that I could become even better at focusing all of my senses on what our clients need at the moment.

But don't worry, I also have a lot of fun when I am in public. Adults and children love to pet and kiss me, and I give them free facials with my tongue. I get a lot of time to just be myself and I don't work every day. I am into a lot of cool activities. My hobbies include sleeping, eating treats, specifically pig ears and chicken feet, giving kissess, laying on my humans as if I am a little poodle (I weigh 60 lbs). I also love chasing squirels in the dog park, running around like a maniac, doing zoomies, and annoying my sister cats. I love being out in public. I advocate for my breed and I bring joy to everyone who meets me.

To keep me healthy and living a very long life, my mom buys me the best food she can get, both dry and wet, makes me sweet potatoes for all the vitamin C, carrots, sweet peppers, and potatoes. My mom also gives me vitamins such as turmeric, fish oil, and probiotic.

Anyway, I hope that you will take your time to come visit us at the office. I want to help you feel better. And I know so does my mom.

Now, sometimes humans are afraid of dogs. And that's ok. If my precense would distress you, please let my mom know in advance and she will make sure to schedule you on a day that I won't be in the office. My mom and I respect your healing process and will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable on your journey.

There are days when I am not at the office. I am not a slacker. I train a lot. So, if I am not working, I am with my trainers. I desire to be the best Therapy Dog to help you through your stress and pain. So that's why I train so much.

If you see me and my mom out and about in the community, please stop by and say hi. If I have my Therapy Dog vest on, I am in the "working" mode and will only respond to the commands from my mom. If you see me without my work vest on... oh boy, be prepared to get a facial. When my vest is off, I can be my very silly self, but still resepectful of your space and desires.

As Good-Citizen-Certified K9, I stay active in the community and am a member of the following organizations:

  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs
  • Staffordshire Terrier Club of America
  • American Kennel Club Canine Partners
  • Alliance of Therapy Dogs
  • Canine Obedience College

Love, Valentine, Therapy Dog.